The overall goal of GWW is to foster the development of citizen volunteers, who are monitoring water bodies for the improvement of both water quality and water policy. Certification workshops are provided for the general public, that train citizens to test for physical, chemical and biological indicators of watershed health.

In partnership, with local governments, nongovernmental organizations and community groups, the program seeks to accomplish the following objectives: Protection and restoration of the aquatic environment. Practical ways will be implemented for improved watershed management by communities, with a focus on biophysical interventions. Advocacy and Policy. Means will be sought to empower communities and citizens to influence decision-makers at all levels of society. The goal of this influence, is that these decision makers would establish policies and laws to protect watersheds and foster civic education and involvement. Environmental Education. Formal and non- formal ways to raise community awareness of aquatic environment and resource issues will be implemented for broad-based participation in watershed protection. Spread. A watershed approach to human development will be extended to new areas and groups will be strengthened based on a proven model.