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Welcome to GWW-Kenya

Global Water Watch Kenya ( GWW-KENYA ) is a group of individuals interested in the observation, conservation, and study of aquatic ecosystems in Kenya, with a comprehensive view of the environment, pointing to the proper use and care of water, with the ultimate objective of an improved quality of the lives for everyone. GWW-KENYA, promotes citizen participation in water monitoring in Kenya, linking community groups with the right technology to get credible information that helps encourage proper care and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. Monitoring of water quality and quantity variables can encourage the use of practices involving sustainable use of land and water.

GWW-KENYA is a branch of the international Global Water Watch Program created in 1992 at the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Aquatic Sciences at Auburn University in Alabama, USA. The goal of the GWW-KENYA website is to share activities, events, and news with the public as well as maintain the database that allows certified citizen to enter, analyze, retrieve and share their water data via the Internet. Global Water Watch (GWW), is a voluntary network of community based water monitoring (CBWM) groups. The overall goal of GWW is to foster the development of citizen volunteers to monitor surface waters for the improvement of both water quality and public health. GWW helps communities establish teams of citizens who measure physical, chemical and biological indicators of watershed fitness. Monitors use their data to restore streams and lakes, improve drinking water quality and public health, and implement environmental education programs for the public.